Over-worked, over-stimulated & over-tired — you may wonder how a 75 minute massage with some ‘nice smelling’ oils can help

trust me . . . it can!

Reconnecting to your body and familiarising yourself with the feeling of relaxation is a big deal. Sometimes we forget what it feels like to experience a really deep state of relaxation, to fully let go and surrender.


Together, with the combination of essential oils, intuitive massage and a peaceful environment, we will go on a journey of rediscovering a deep sense of calm. Learning to let go of tense, aching muscles, connecting to your breath and quietening a busy mind - all while feeling safe and cared for.


My pathway to becoming a clinical aromatherapist came about through using aromatherapy to manage my own battles with anxiety and stress. Now with many years of experience (personal and professional), I have such a deep respect and appreciation for the transformative power of essential oils combined with therapeutic massage.

Please have a browse of my treatment offerings and let yourself be guided by what feels right. You are welcome to book directly online or get in touch if you have any questions beforehand. I really look forward to meeting you.


While I am away on maternity leave, I am pleased to leave you in the capable hands of Nicola Leighton. She will be offering aromatherapy and pregnancy massage from the studio on Tuesdays (9.45-2.30).



Nicola has years of experience and is also accredited by the International Federation of Professional Aromatherapists (IFPA).

Book your treatment by clicking below. Payment will be requested at point of booking.