TUESDAYS: 9.45 - 2.30
While Jennie is away on maternity leave the studio hours will be limited to Tuesdays 9.45-2.30 where you can book aromatherapy and pregnancy massage with Nicola Leighton

A note on availability

Appointments do tend to get booked up in advance so please bear that in mind. Generally, it is best to allow 2-6 weeks for early evening slots and 1-2 months for Saturdays appointments. If you would like something sooner, keep an eye on the online appointment calendar for cancellations. 

Need to rearrange an appointment?

Please allow at least 48hrs to cancel, amend or postpone an appointment. Full payment will be charged if less than 48hrs notice is given.

Do you accept card payment?

Yes, we accept card payments for product purchases. Treatments will be paid for online at point of booking.

Is there parking?

Yes, there is on street parking available free of charge either on New Road (outside No. 33) or a short walk from the therapy studio (Mowlam Close or the Recreation Ground opposite).

Does the 75 minute appointment include the consultation?

Yes it does. On your very first appointment we will spend a little longer on this, around 10-15mins, so I can make the most effective blends possible for your treatments.

For treatments after this we usually spend around 5mins at the start of each session catching up so I can create something specific for you on that particular day.


Do I need to wear anything in particular?

Nope. Feel free to come as you are. It’s worth bearing in mind that you’ll have oil on your skin afterwards to you might want to steer clear of your fancies.

I am breastfeeding or pregnant…

I am breastfeeding, can I still have aromatherapy? Absolutely, it is perfectly safe to have an aromatherapy massage while breastfeeding.

I am 30+ weeks pregnant, can I still have massage? YES! I can’t think of a better time to have a massage. As long as there are no complications with the pregnancy, the last few weeks are the perfect time to put your feet up and relax.

How can I get the most out of the treatment?

Essential oils absorb best on clean skin with no moisturiser. To really maximise the benefits, exfoliated skin is even better. If possible, try to leave the oils on overnight after the treatment.

I have sensitive skin; can I still have a facial?

Definitely. This is one of the reasons I love the Skin & Tonic range, they use a maximum of 7 completely natural, organic ingredients per product and are ideal for more sensitive skin types.

Depending on the trigger of your sensitivities we can tweak the exfoliation and minimise the use of heat.

How often should I have a massage?

This is a tough one to answer because it so personal to you. In an ideal world, I would recommend at least monthly however the best thing to do is tune into what feels right for you. For some people that may be weekly, for others it is may be twice a year as they need it.

How often should I have a facial treatment?

As a minimum I suggest every 3 months, as the seasons change. The outer layers of your skin renew approximately every 28 days so if you are hoping to see a prolonged improvement in the look and feel of your skin, you should aim for every 4-6 weeks.