The Offerings

I offer a range of massage and facial treatments stretching from 75 minutes to 2.5 hours. Each treatment is tailored to you and includes a consultation at the beginning to understand your physical, emotional and energetic needs plus a bespoke blend of essential oils. I use organic essential oils and products as often as possible, and you’ll usually go home with a little extra oil to continue the effect.


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75 min £75


This natural facial is a real treat for the senses. Using British skincare brand Skin & Tonic, I combine the latest facial massage techniques to naturally lift, plump and brighten the skin. Your face will be cocooned in warm towels for a beautifully deep cleanse with Skin & Tonic’s oil based cleansers, revolutionising your cleansing routine. Natural clays mixed with essential oils and honey will exfoliate and treat your skin, giving it a healthy glow. Much more than a ‘wax on, wax off’ type of facial - massage is the star of the show with additional neck and head massage, facial acupressure plus a hand or foot massage.
The whole Skin & Tonic range is certified organic and 100% cruelty-free.

“I’ve just had a Skin and Tonic facial by Jennie and it was amazing. I’ve never been fussed by facials before but was brought this as a gift and I’m now a convert. Jennie is warm and friendly and puts you at ease immediately. My skin feels amazing and I feel so relaxed.”

-Bev Stewart

Aromatherapy Massage
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75 min £75


Give yourself permission to slow down in a warm and peaceful space with a personalised blend of essential oils and therapeutic massage. Sessions are typically full body massage for maximum relaxation but I will always tailor to suit your needs. I specialise in working with people who want to use aromatherapy to find a greater sense of calm and wellbeing aiding all areas of life from sleep or improved immunity right through to facilitating a greater sense of happiness and peace.

Jennie instinctively listens to my body as well as what I’m saying, allowing a deep sense of ease and relaxation going far beyond the muscular body. Regular aromatherapy treatments have shifted feelings of anxiety to something more peaceful and grounded where I can be still and breathe.

-Ashley McDonald

Pregnancy Massage

75mins £75


Pregnancy massage is a wonderful way to ease any muscular aches and pains associated with pregnancy as well as helping to restore balance when you’re experiencing fatigue and sleeplessness all at once. You’ll be physically supported and extra comfy on my massage couch, and energetically supported through essential oils.

“Jennie applies just the right amount of pressure in the right places! My twins love to wriggle around during the massage which is lovely as I feel this is a time for the three of us to connect without the rush and stress of daily life. Jennie decides which aromatherapy oils best suit how I feel at the time of each massage and gives me a lovely bottle to take home and continue using until my next massage.”

- Katy Crossman

Hot Stone Massage
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75mins £85


For chronically tight muscles or as a deeply nourishing experience, hot stone massage is more than an indulgence - it really can change the physical experience of your body. Especially good for long held muscular tension and stiffness, hot stone massage combined with essential oils can speed up recovery and invite in more ease.

“Such a wonderful and relaxing experience. I had the hot stones massage, and cannot recommend it enough. The heat was particularly beneficial to my exercise weary legs, and stressy shoulders. Cannot wait for my next appointment. Thank you Jennie”

-Lea Davenport

Micro Retreat

2.5 hours £150

add hot stones to your treatment £10


full body massge and facial

Press pause with this deeply nourishing 2.5 hr Micro Retreat. To retreat is to invite space to breathe, an opportunity to step outside your everyday life and reset. Inspired to recreate this feeling in a more accessible way, I designed this luxurious 2.5 hr combination of aromatherapy massage, organic ‘Skin & Tonic’ facial, energetic rituals and blissful head massage for some seriously deep relaxation.

“Jennie’s treatment studio is not the kind of place I expected to be tucked away in Impington, it’s like being transported to a beautiful spa. It is my time away from everyone where I can leave my stresses at the door and fully relax. I opt for the longer treatment and Jennie’s bespoke combination of aromatherapy hot stone massage plus Skin and Tonic facial is an experience like no other – I can feel the tension around my eyes melt away and my back is so much better I don’t need to see a Chiropractor anymore.”  

-Alison Dean


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